The vision of Spirit 1st Ministries is to facilitate community outreach. We are able to do this through:

✔the collaboration of discussion and ideas of youth pastors from multi-denominations of the local church;
✔providing sports outreach and skills specific training targeted to the community,
specifically children, youth and young adults;
✔offer community events that combine Service, Worship, Evangelism & Training

We understand that many community youth groups have students that attend as many as 20 area schools. In order to effectively reach their school and lost friends, we as believers need to come together, regardless of denominational lines, and have our youth involved in activities together. This allows them to better reach their lost friends and more effectively hold each other accountable to the Word of Truth.

This approach allows Spirit 1st to coordinate and spearhead activities in the community which prevents delays due to facility scheduling, costs, and possible “neutral turf” issues that sometimes arise when working across denominations.